Taeyang's teaser image for Big Bang's comeback leaked

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Taeyang's teaser image for Big Bang's comeback leaked

Earlier today, YG Entertainment revealed another new picture ahead of Big Bang's comeback. So far, T.O.P and Daesung's teaser images have been revealed, showcasing Big Bang's concept transformation.

Big Bang was recently spotted going to the US for the recording of their newest music video for their comeback track. The mini album will consist of 7 tracks including “Blue,” “Love First,” “Bad Boy,” “No Fun,” “Fantastic Baby,” and “Wings,” a solo song by member Daesung. It is set to be released on February 29th.

On February 15th, Taeyang's teaser was leaked on Naver Music. Although Taeyang's teaser was set to come out on the 15th in Korea, Naver Music posted the photo before YG Life, YG Entertainment's blog, posted it. Someone from Naver Music posted the image that was set to be released later today without the intention of leaking it. It was not visible, however, fans figured out that if they changed the last number in the URL from 4 to 5, Taeyang's image was able to be seen.

Naver Music has since taken down the picture, but netizens were quick to save the image.

Check out Taeyang's transformation for Big Bang's comeback, below!

Taeyang's teaser image for Big Bang's comeback leaked

Note: YG Life has not reported on Taeyang's teaser, so this photo is unconfirmed. Stay tuned to Koreaboo for the official teaser image later today when it is posted on YG Life.

Source: Naver Music