“K-pop in Okinawa” with idol and drama concert to take place on March 4th

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"K-pop in Okinawa" with idol and drama concert to take place on March 4th

With many concerts lining up in the new year, another K-pop concert in Japan was added to the list. “K-pop in Okinawa” will feature no less than six idol groups, as well as one of Korea's top ballad groups and a popular composer.

The “K-pop in Okinawa” schedule will feature a drama concert as well as an idol concert. In its first part, composer and music arranger Oh Joonsung will show his best side while playing various compositions which were used in popular dramas such as “Boys over Flowers” and “Princess Prosecutor”. Oh Joonsung is responsible for many different drama OST, as well as various songs on idol groups' albums such as SHINee, TVXQ, Brown Eyed Girls and many more. Together with Oh Joonsung, popular ballad group Monday Kiz will take the stage.

In the second part of the show, the idol concert, “K-pop in Okinawa” will show a line-up of six popular K-pop groups. Along with KARA and 2PM, Infinite, Rainbow, Secret and ZE:A are set to perform on the festival stage.

The first part of the day is set to start around 3PM, while the second part will start at 6PM. The concert is set to take place on March 4th.

Will you be attending this concert?

Source: kpopokinawa and Yahoo