‘Rooftop Prince’ heroine Han Ji Min talks about her flower boy co-stars

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‘Rooftop Prince’ heroine Han Ji Min talks about her flower boy co-stars

Actress Han Ji Min has hit the jackpot by scoring the main female role on SBS‘s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘! The actress will be surrounded by four flower boy co-stars, one of which being JYJ‘s Yoochun.

Han Ji Min expressed, “No matter what we film, it’s a fun experience to film with these cool people. Usually, I work with just with one or two actors; this time, I’m with four flower boy actors. I feel like I received a lot of luck.”

She continued, “Yoochun comes and gives encouragement before the other male actors; he always makes the filming atmosphere comfortable, which in turn makes the set fun. We’re having fun filming.”

As for the story, Han Ji Min explained that it’s an ”emotional melodrama with comedic elements. It’s important for the five actors to match and have a feeling where they understand each other well.”

‘Rooftop Prince’ follows the story of a Crown Prince (Yoochun) who lost his Princess — he’s transported 300 years into the future with his royal entourage (Jung Suk Won, Lee Min Ho, Choi Woo Shik), where he finds a girl who looks just like his beloved princess.

‘Rooftop Prince’ will air after ‘Take Care of Us, Captain‘ concludes in March.

Source: OSEN via Nate