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Boyfriend - Boyfriend
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Boyfriend are a relatively new group under Starship Entertainment, who started activities in 2011. Released on May 26th, 2011, their debut single, Boyfriend has attracted many fans due to the youth the members exert.

Let’s Get It Started (feat. Maboos), a rush of synthesizers and a heavy dance bass beat with auto-tuned vocals hit the listener’s ears, in the intro Let’s Get It Started (feat. Maboos). Several times Boyfriend members say that they “got want [we] want, and got what [we] need” and “Boyfriend gonna get’cha”, is a sure way to attract attention. The short intro lasts for only one minute, isn’t a preview of the following track but is full of energy despite its length. If Let’s Get It Started (feat. Maboos), were any longer than a minute, it would be predictable and on the verge of boring.

The self-titled title track, Boyfriend turns into a cute, bubblegum-pop inspired number. The vocals aren’t auto-tuned which adds a natural scent of youth to the song. Boyfriend is fun, cute and definitely brings a smile to the face. The listener can sense the honesty of the song by the directness of the lyrics. Some translated lines include a section of the first verse: “Even when I feel so tired sometimes / I wanna have you by my side…/ I wanna make you laugh everyday”, which describes the sincerity of the song well. The line “eh eh eh” sung between the lines in the chorus is really cute and easy to sing along to.

The final track, You & I takes a serious, mature feeling than that of the self-titled track, Boyfriend. You & I is more laid back track with influences of r&b and hip-hop. The phrase “you and I, I I I” sounds similar to “eh eh eh” in the chorus to Boyfriend.

The single includes instrumental versions of Boyfriend and You & I.
The debut single seems to represent Boyfriend well with catchy beats and cute lyrics. Hopefully, Boyfriend will continue to release more hits in the near future.

The official teaser for Let’s Get It Started (feat. Maboos) can be seen here, via Starship Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The Boyfriend members can be seen dancing in unison while in shallow water. Cuts between the action scenes are very dramatic; the water splashes everywhere and is very catchy for a teaser clip.

Below is the official PV for Boyfriend. Enjoy, and smile with Boyfriend: