[Interview] Miss A is not over with the love that they had – Part 1!

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[Interview] Miss A is not over with the love that they had - Part 1!
“Good-bye , baby good-bye” was a part of miss A’s main track “Good-bye baby”, from their first full studio album “A Class.” This time, the girls sings “You touched my heart baby.” It seems like the quartet girl group made their return with a new track “Touch” for a reason, to tell the leftover feelings from their broken hearts. miss A said they were over with the love they had (in Good-bye baby), but it turned out, they were not. So it was no surprise when the four member female group showed up wearing thick smokey eye make up and black laced dresses, surrounded by rose prints. They were not just getting to know what love is, but also learning how to express the emotions. Giving a little “Touch” to their past albums, here is what miss A had to say during their recent interview with 10asia.

10asia: There is a darker feeling to your latest title track “Touch”, compared to your previous songs. What were your first impressions of your concept, when producer Park Jinyoung presented it to the group? 

Min: From what I can recall, we didn’t like it. (laugh) We were on our way to talk to JYP about the songs, but once we got there. He explained the concept from our costumes to the theme. He kept saying that he was sure that this is our song, so we trusted his judgement and went along with it.

10asia: What are the other tracks like on the album?

Jia: They are definitely different from “Touch”. All the titles of the songs are in English. We received the songs from international composers and then changed the lyrics into Korean, which gave them a more of pop-like feelings.

Min: Also this album has tracked with the songs we suggested. All the tunes have a more pop feeling to them as well as elements of dubstep and electronic music. It’s all diverse.

[Interview] Miss A is not over with the love that they had - Part 1!

10asia: Which song was the most difficult to record?
Min: It was “Touch.” (laugh) That’s because we had to express everything that JYP explained to us.

10asia: It seems like the choreography for “Touch” is sexier. What was it like practicing the dance moves and did all the members understand the concept of it?

Fei: When we spoke with JYP about the concept, he told us that the main point of “Touch” is the rose. At first we didn’t understand, so he drew a rose and told us that we had to move like a rose whenever we did a wave. That is why our overall concept is a rose. (All members laugh)

Jia: None of us understood what JYP was talking about, so he drew a person next to the rose. And he said that when we move we have to be smooth yet sharp like a rose.

Min: It is just a hard subject. (laugh)

10asia: The choreography and moves are quite different from your past performances. And I heard that you guys worked with Jonte, what was like working with him?

Jia: We worked with Mr. Jonte who was in charge of choreographing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” JYP really likes his work since his moves are unlike any others. Though we never met him and we learned the dance moves through the videos that he sent us.

Suzy: But it feels like we know him really well because we watched that video a lot. (laugh)

10asia: It seems as though your dance moves for “Touch” is less extreme and acrobatic compared to your past performances. Does it feel different?

Min: The overall choreography is not as extreme as the previous ones but we always have to remember to mind our movements, from where to look at to how we make our hand gestures. We have to deliver the message in the lyrics through the moves. But all songs have their good and bad points.

Suzy: You can’t breathe when you perform the moves for “Touch.” It is difficult so we have to restrain ourselves.

10asia: So how do you sing and dance at the same time?

Min: We’ll try really hard. (laugh)

10asia: What were some of your first thoughts when you saw the designs and the concept?

Fei: My first thought was it had a sort of funky feeling to it. I was mostly worried because this was something that miss A has never tried before. But now, I can honestly say that “Touch” is very addicting.

10asia: The new album shows a more mature and feminine side to the group, can you tell us more about the album’s concept on how it came about and the other songs?

Suzy: The lyrics for “Touch” express how a brokenhearted girl overcomes those feelings in order to love again. That is why we were all worried on how to express her pain. Then the concept of a rose hit us. A rose is extravagant and beautiful when you first see it and that is why we felt that it would go well with our stage costume and makeup. All the patterns for our costumes have rose designs and our makeup is dark as well. We worked really hard in order to express all the details, which made the overall feeling of “Touch” more mature and feminine.

10asia: The lyrics sing of love and heartache. Do any of the members have any personal experiences with those two topics? 

Suzy: Since I am still young, I don’t have any personal experience with love and heartache. It is difficult subject matter which is why JYP tried really hard to explain the meaning of the lyrics to us.

Jia: That is why JYP told us to think of it as a drama. He told us to think that we are the female lead in a drama and were deeply hurt by a guy. And we meet nice guys when we walk into a bar for a drink. So you slowly begin to open your heart to him. He even acted out some of the lyrics. (laugh)

Min: He sat all four of us down in the recording studio. When he was acting out the lyrics it seemed as if he was going to cry. (laugh)

Jia: I felt like his explanations were really helpful especially when he acted out the lyrics. He did a great job in doing so and we all understood what it meant.

[Interview] Miss A is not over with the love that they had - Part 1!

10asia: What was going through your mind when JYP was acting out the lyrics?
Jia: It was all helpful because I knew what emotions to show and how to express them. It was real fun when he was explaining it to us, but then he turned serious once we started recording. I don’t have any personal experience of heartache though all our past songs tell the guys to “Shut Up” (Bad Girl Good Girl) and “Goodbye.”(Good-bye baby) And I needed to do some research since “Touch” is different in that it requires an experience with heartache to do a good job in expressing them. That is why I watched a lot of dramas and read many books in order to help with my acting.

10asia: What are some of the dramas that you used as references?

Jia: I mostly watched Chinese dramas because I had to understand what they are talking about. (laughs)

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