Han Ga In looks like Thomas the Tank Engine?

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Han Ga In looks like Thomas the Tank Engine?

Han Ga In of MBC‘s popular drama, ‘The Moon the Embraces the Sun‘, has recently drawn attention for having a humorous resemblance to Thomas the Tank Engine.

Recently, an online community post titled, “Han Ga In and Thomas the Tank Engine’s synchronization” has surfaced with the above picture.

The post has become popular among netizens as they humored at the uncanny resemblance in expression between the beautiful actress and the animated train character. The caption on the last picture reads, “Who is Thomas? Is that my twin brother? I cannot remember. I am highly confused.”

Netizens responded to the post by writing, “Thomas looks like Han Ga In’s twin” and, “If Kim Soo Hyun sees Thomas, he will probably think it is Han Ga In“.

In related news, Han Ga In is currently playing the role of Heo Yeon Woo in ‘The Moon the Embraces the Sun‘, which has recently surpassed the 40% ratings mark.

Source & Image: Josun Illbo via Daum