miss as suzy appreciative of fans who prepared lunch for her e r e 0 miss A’s Suzy appreciative of fans who prepared lunch for her

miss A member Suzy showed her appreciation to the fans who gifted her with a specially prepared lunch.

On February 24th, Suzy posted the above photo and following message on twitter, “미짱이 미짱이 미짱이 (Mi jang-e Mi jang-e Mi jang-e) is good, Say A is good. Gaining strength pow pow pow, it’s so delicious, the best.”

In the photo, Suzy can be seen with a spoon in her mouth and above her in the bubble chat are the words: “Our fans are the greatest greatest seuleung.”

Upon seeing the photo netizens commented, “It’s not fair that Suzy is so Pretty!” and “Adorable“.

It’s wonderful that the fans are preparing meals for their idols and the Wall Street Journal recently covered this very subject under their article: “Seoul Food: Treating Your Idol to Lunch Is the True Test of Fandom“.

Source & Image: Mydaily via Nate


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