Leessang’s Gary gets rejected by a ring card girl

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Leessang’s Gary gets rejected by a ring card girl

Leessang‘s Gary was rejected by a ring card girl.

On the March 7th episode of ‘HaHa’s OOO‘, Leessang’s Gary was invited as a special commentator for the finger-puppet boxing match.

Towards the beginning, Gary showed his enthusiasm saying, “I was once a boxer. I will be sure to narrate like a professional commentator.”

But as the show went on, Gary showed more interest in the ring card girl than in the game itself.

Seeing this, HaHa suggested Gary and the ring girl participate in a “couple dance”, and though Gary was bashful, he quickly excused himself from the game and approached the girl.

Gary then began his comical dance, causing everyone on set to explode into laughs.

Towards the end of the program, HaHa even initiated a ‘blind date’ between the two. “This isn’t necessary,” Gary remarked, as he hurriedly sat in the chair to discuss the boxing match with her.

But different from the eager Gary, the ring card girl stepped outside the studio, leaving Gary to sit all by his lonesome self.

Netizens who saw the episode remarked, “Don’t cry Kang Gary!”, and “Why did it leave off like this? Curious to know how it turned out.”

Source & Image : XportsNews via Nate