TIME Magazine makes another mention of Big Bang

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TIME Magazine makes another mention of Big Bang

American weekly news magazine TIME recently recognized the K-pop phenomenon with the online publication of an article titled, South Korea’s Greatest Export: How K-Pop’s Rocking the World.

Not only did the article cover the success of Hallyu’s leading boy group Big Bang, it also talked about devoted international fans who send in ‘fan rice’ to support their favorite stars, as well as how the K-Pop boom is positively affecting Korea’s economy.

But it seems one mention wasn’t enough as on March 9th, TIME made another mention of Big Bang in a second online publication titled, ‘Watch Your Back, Bieber: The Boy Band Is Making a Comeback‘.

After introducing ‘international import’ groups such as Wanted and One Direction who are expected to dominate the charts this year, the author wrote, 

It’s not just the Brits and Irish who have a stronghold on the boy band market, though. Korean pop music, or K-pop, has crossing over into American markets, and with it bringing along a slew of boy bands with the choreographed routines and polish of the ‘NSYNCs and Backstreet Boys of yore, along with the hip-hop swagger that’s been mostly dominating radio airwaves for the last several years… Big Bang in particular stands to gain success in the U.S.-even shooting their latest video for the inanely catchy single “Bad Boy” in Brooklyn. The hysteria they induce overseas is frankly hard to conceive, as they’re more than just household names. They’ve conquered Japan, plan to work with producer Swizz Beatz and Chris Brown, and won an MTV European Music Award in 2011, beating Britney Spears for Best Worldwide Act.”

Looks like the Hallyu is continuing to make strong waves across the globe. You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

Source: Time
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