hyunseung in balmain  agbu 0 Hyunseung in Balmain hyunseung in balmain  agbu 1 Hyunseung in Balmain

When Beast headed over to Japan for the 26th Golden Disk Awards being held in Osaka, Hyunseung looked very fashionable in his leather jacket.  The fur-collared bomber is from the 2011 Fall collection for Balmain, a designer that the singer is frequently seen wearing.  In fact, his distressed skinny jeans are also from the same collection.  Hyunseung’s black side-zip sneakers are from Rick Owens while his cross cut-out dog-tag necklace Chrome Hearts.

hyunseung in balmain  agbu 2 Hyunseung in Balmain hyunseung in balmain  agbu 3 Hyunseung in Balmainhyunseung in balmain  agbu 4 Hyunseung in Balmain

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