Song Ji Hyo got ignored by Jo In Sung?

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Song Ji Hyo got ignored by Jo In Sung?


On a recent interview, actress Song Ji Hyo revealed that she once got ignored by actor Jo In Sung, whom she worked with in the 2008 historical film ‘A Frozen Flower‘.

When asked if she still keeps in touch with Jo In Sung, who was discharged from the military, the actress replied, “We have barely seen each other after filming the movie.”

She continued, “While I was on my way to Boseong County in Jeolla Province for a vacation, I passed by one of the filming locations of ‘A Frozen Flower’ and it reminded me of Jo In Sung. So, I sent him a text message saying ‘In Sung, I miss you’.”

Unfortunately, he never replied back. She laughed it off by saying, “He was probably still in the military at that time.”

Netizens commented, “If I received such a text from Song Ji Hyo, I would never change phones“, “Bad timing!“, and “I want to receive a text message from Song Ji Hyo too!”


Source & Image: DailyAn via Nate