btob debuts on music core with imagine and insane seiu  0 BTOB debuts on Music Core with Imagine and Insane

BTOB held their debut showcase on March 21st. Their showcase was livestreamed on YouTube and is still available to watch on their official YouTube channel. BTOB consists of Shin Peniel, Lee Changsub, Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Jung Ilhoon, Yook Sungjae, and Lim Hyunsik.

BTOB's debut title track, “Insane,” is an upbeat dance track that showcases the members' vocal talents and rap skills. Their second track, “Imagine,” is a ballad track. BTOB released the music video for “Insane” on March 22nd at 2PM KST on their official YouTube channel. The music video features A Pink's Chorong and showcases the concept of the song as well as their impressive choreography.

BTOB performed their first debut stage on this week's episode of M! Countdown where they performed “Imagine” and their title track, “Insane.” The members of BTOB continued on to last night's episode of Music Bank to perform their second debut stage of their two tracks, “Insane” and “Imagine.”

Tonight, the members of BTOB performed their third live debut stage on Music Core. They began with “Imagine” and then transitioned into their title track, “Insane.” Check out their third live debut stage from tonight's episode of Music Core, below!



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