[INTERVIEW] 23 Questions for 2AM: Changmin’s Interview!

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[INTERVIEW] 23 Questions for 2AM: Changmins Interview!
2AM featured on NUMERO Tokyo Magazine and Changmin’s interview has been translated. Wait for other members interview, we will post it once it is up.
Changmin’s interview below.

23 Questions for 2AM: Changmin
Born May 1, 1986, blood type A. Interest is in computer gaming.

Q1: How has your life changed ever since joining 2AM?
A1: I performed music for my own enjoyment previously, but now that I have made my debut, many others have been listening to my songs hence I have developed a sense of responsibility and caution towards my music. There have been great changes to my environment as well. My life before finishing my military conscripting and debuting was difficult. That feeling of having to depend on my own strength to live has been strong ever since I have been discharged from the military. I was apologetic about receiving allowance from my parents so I left my home in Busan and did part-time jobs while living in my grandmother’s house in Seoul. But I did not have much flexibility in my lifestyle then, I persevered at my part-time jobs although I wanted to have fun with my friends. It was a tough time. After debuting, I bought the food I wanted to eat and the clothes I wished to have and I was also able to do the things I had wanted to do. I was released from the desperate lifestyle that I had adopted in order to survive and am really comfortable and am having fun now.

Q2: Your dream(s) as 2AM?
A2: This dream of having many people listen to my songs is one I have had since I was young, and it is now realized! My next big goal is to get people to think of any song as being “a good song like what 2AM sings”, a group that many people love.

Q3. The source of 2AM’s creations?
A3: Daily life. Melodies surface as we capture inspiration from mundane activities such as meeting people and listening to music.

Q4: What was the happiest thing you have encountered in 2AM’s activities?
A4: The day we made our debut. I am someone who rarely tears, even the first time we won 1st place, I was really happy but I did not tear up. However, many thoughts surfaced on the day we debuted, I cried then.

Q5: The happiest thing in your private life recently?
A5: I traveled to Osaka alone before we debuted in Japan. In order to be closer to the fans, I wanted to get to know Japan better before our promotional activities began properly. I put in much effort at learning Japanese; I have always wanted to travel as a test to see how well I could communicate in Japanese.

Q6: Tell us the allocation of roles in 2AM.
A6: Jokwon, as our leader, is the father who never fails to take charge of work. Jinwoon is the youngest child, a son who is a lively moodmaker. Seulong is a cool Grandpa who enjoys playing around a lot (laughs). I like cooking and I go to bed early and wake up early as well, so I guess I am the mother?

Q7: Your views on ‘the ideal man’?
A7: I would like to always be a gentleman. There is a current trend in Korea for men to aspire to act tough as they think it is charming, I think that is not right.

Q8: The place you would like to go to most right now?
A8: Hokkaido! I would like to go skiing.

Q9: The thing you would like most right now?
A9: I like electronic gadgets very much; I would quite like new products such as mobile phones, gaming devices and computers. But I would like to be fluent in Japanese most right now. I would be happy if I can improve more and be able to smoothly convey what I would like to say to the fans in Japan.

Q10: The person you would like to meet most right now?
A10: My mother. We do not meet often as she lives far away. I would like to meet Japanese & Korean fans more frequently through concerts and other means.

Q11: The most precious thing to you right now is?
A11: It would be my own self. Although I have previously mentioned that I would like to treat myself with more care, I have not been able to do it up till now. This year, I would like to get in touch with myself properly.

Q12: The type of females you like?
A12: I prefer lovely, sweet girls than to those who go sexy. I would go for the gentle type who has a mild personality.

Q13: The kind of fashion you find to be most suitable?
A13: Casual fashion that is exquisitely designed, such as shoes, sunglasses, bracelets and other small accessories that I would like to use.

Q14: Japanese artist(s) you would like to work with most?
A14: Kubota Toshinobu-san and Shimizu Shota-san.

Q15: Your personal aspirations for the future?
A15: There are two of them. Firstly, as 2AM’s Changmin, I would like to be recognized for my singing. I would like to become a singer who is able to make others think that “He is really good at singing. I wonder how he practices to be able to sing such a feeling song with such emotion.” The other one is to open a wonderful restaurant that is full of all my ideas. I enjoy eating and cooking very much; if there is a dish that I happen to like, I will get the recipe and ingredients to put it together. It is not meant as a means to earn money, but just a shop for me to allow my modest dream to take form.

Q16: Spots in Japan that you like and the places you often visit?
A16: I like the Kansai region. The place I frequent… Recording studios I think (laughs).

Q17: What kind of songs do you have in your iPod?
A17: The lyrics and melodies in Shimizu Shota-san’s songs are poetic, I have been listening to them quite a bit recently.

Q18: Products you find useful for beauty & health?
A18: I like food, so I have been careful to exercise properly. Appearing on television is my job, hence I exercise everyday as I feel that it is my duty to.

Q19: In romance, are you proactive or reactive? (T/N: Literally translated as “carnivorous or herbivorous?”)
A19: I think I am an ‘herbivore’. I do not assert myself strongly; I prefer to treat females gently.

Q20: The motto you abide by?
A20: There is this saying in Korea, “The debt of a thousand coins can be paid back in words” (meaning that glib talkers are good at getting by in life). A simple thing like words can be important; I take care to be careful to think while speaking.

Q21: At what kind of a moment did you feel that you have matured as compared to when you first debuted?
Q21: I was nervous when I stood on stage for my debut. Although I still get nervous now, I am able to overcome this pressure and even enjoy myself, which I think is a great transformation.

Q22: What is the thing that no matter if 2AM continues growing, “this will never change!”?
A22: All of the members love to sing and have chosen this path to be singers, even with the passage of time, this passion towards singing will never change.

Q23: A message to the fans in Japan, please.
A23: Whenever we release a new song, our goal is to reach the top position. In order to reach the No. 1 vocal group spot even in Japan, we are always putting forth our best effort; we will be really happy to see the number of fans we have continue to rise.