ne looks like a group of kids next to giant baby sulli tsuxi 0 2NE1 looks like a group of kids next to ‘giant baby’ Sulli

f(x) member Sulli brings humiliation to 2NE1 as a group because of their heights.

Recently, on the online community message boards, a photo of the screen capture of a scene from SBS ’Inkigayo‘ titled ’2NE1 getting humiliated by Sulli’ was posted.

In the posted photo, the 2NE1 members are seen standing side by side next to Inkigayo MCs Sulli and IU, and what is attracting the public gaze the most is Sulli, who is located on the farthest right and clearly is the tallest of all of them.

According to her profile, Sulli stands at a tall 169 cm, yet she unexpectedly made 2NE1 look like a group of kids, living up to her reputation as the ‘giant baby.’

Netizens left a variety of comments for the photo,

“She is quite the giant baby”

“2NE1 suffers a group humiliation by Sulli”

“Sulli must be really tall”

“Tall height is Sulli’s pride”

Source: Sports Chosun

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