Park Yuchun involved in car accident

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Park Yuchun involved in car accidentAnother K-pop star has fallen victim to a late-night driving accident due to drowsiness. Ilgan Sports has reported that at approximately 1:00 AM yesterday morning,  JYJ member Park Yuchun‘s manager dozed off and rear-ended the back of a truck.  Park Yuchun was riding as a passenger in the vehicle.

Although Park complained of back and neck pains from the collision, he was unable to see a doctor due to his filming schedule. A source who worked on the set of Rooftop Prince revealed:

“Park, like the rest of the staff and crew working on the drama’s set, only manages to get about two hours of sleep per night. The show is practically live as they are always strapped for time before it airs. Everyone is exhausted, and so I imagine that the manager was fatigued and in no state to drive.”

Source: Korea Joongang Daily
Photo: Musicasia