Kim Min Kyung’s detailed fashion sense shining on TV

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Kim Min Kyungs detailed fashion sense shining on TV

Kang Min Kying’s attention to detail caught the attention of the netizens.

Kang Min Kyung sang ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ with Park Gun Hyung on MBN ‘The Duet’.

On the recording of the show Kang Min Kyung got on the stage in all white tubetop dress. There was a small pocket attached to the butt area of her butt to hold the mike, showing off her attention to detail.

Most artists use bands to secure the mike while wearing dresses but Kang Min Kyung showed off her fashion sense by sewing a pocket for the mike straight onto her dress.

Netizens who saw the broadcast commented “wow such attention to detail”, “this kind of fashion sense is so hard to come by”, and etc…

Photo Credit: MBN