shinhwa promises to comeback through banners posted all over seoul rns o 0 Shinhwa promises to comeback through banners posted all over Seoul

Shinhwa has solidified their promise to make their comeback in March with their fans.

On January 27th, orange banners with the words, “Shinhwa We keep our promises. 20120324,” in various spots all over Seoul.

The group, who had gone on hiatus after their 10th anniversary concert in order to fulfill their military service, had put up the banners to once again promise their awaiting fans to comeback on March 24th for their 14th anniversary.

In response, Shinhwa’s fan club, Shinhwa Changjo (or “creation of a legend”), also put up banners that stated, “We, Shinhwa Changjo, also keep our promises.”

Back during the 10th anniversary concert while announcing their upcoming hiatus, the six members had promised their fans, “Shinhwa will comeback, we will be with you even with death.”

The members are in the midst of preparations for their comeback concert as well as their 10th album, and working hard to show their fans a continually progressing Shinhwa.

Source + Photo: Joy News via Naver


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