B.A.P reveals group image ahead of “Crash” repackaged album release

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B.A.P has released a group image teaser ahead of the release of their repackaged album “Crash” on August 29th.

“Crash” is the title to the repackaged mini-album to B.A.P's “No Mercy,” which was released in June. The repackaged album will feature two additional track including the title track “Crash” and “I Remember” featuring Daehyun. “I Remember” was originally released as Bang Yongguk's solo debut single that features BEAST's Yoseob last year. However, this version will include the fantastic vocals of Daehyun.

The choreography for “Crash” was created by the team “Play,” who was responsible for Secret's “Magic,” “Shy Boy” and “Starlight, Moonlight.” After revealing their intensity in “No Mercy” and other promotions, B.A.P will be revealing their fun and cute side with the newest choreography.

The image teaser revealed by TS Entertainment shows B.A.P with the same haircolor from their “No Mercy” promotions, however, they are dressed in matching, black and white patterned clothes, decorated with black overlayers.

“Crash” is set to be released in a few hours at noon on August 29th, along with the music video.

Source: TS Entertainment