IU’s fuller cheeks before her debut gain attention

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IU‘s school photos have been gaining attention.

Recently on an online community, a post with the title ‘IU’s elementary school graduation picture’ was written with a picture of a young IU.

In the picture, IU can be seen smiling brightly and posing for the camera. The pictures have been gaining more attention because of IU’s full cheeks. Compared to her very thin body now, the singer’s plump cheeks and body have caught the eyes of many.

Fans commented, “IU was cute even during her school days“, “Cute from birth“, “IU was a bit rustic, but still pretty“, “Look at IU’s chubby checks“, “She’s fine now, but I like how healthy she looks during her school days“.

In related news, IU has just finished an encore concert. This marks the successful end of of her first solo concert ‘Real Fantasy 2012‘.

Source + Image: StarN news via Naver