Sulli and Minho share cute couple cuts from the set of ‘To The Beautiful You’

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The on-screen characters of f(x)‘s Sulli and SHINee‘s Minho from SBS‘s ‘To The Beautiful You‘, have carefully started a sweet, adorable romance, earning themselves the title of the new “adorable couple.”

The two recently posed cutely for the camera, pouting their lips and showing off their 2 sets of aegyo as a couple. Their flawless visuals added to the picture as the two matched each other well, making fans and netizens smile at the sweet new cuts.

Sulli and Minho have raised expectations for the drama through their realistic portrayal of a couple. Although they have not yet been able to tell each other how they truly feel, they do an excellent job of showing that they have feelings for each other. Sulli’s feminine side as a young girl who has fallen in love, as well as Minho’s caring, cool demeanor as a boyfriend are also raising expectations from fans and viewers alike.

Meanwhile, on the 12th episode of the series, Lee Hyun Woo‘s character overheard Minho’s confession to Sulli and was extremely jealous, as he asked Sulli to “be by my side“, even physically stopping her from leaving him.