TVXQ, f(x), Zhang Li Yin take private jet to China for ’2013 Sichuan Satellite Concert’

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It was reported that SM Entertainment artists TVXQ, f(x), and Zhang Li Yin flew to Sichuan, China in a private jet in order to attend the ‘2013 Sichuan Satellite Concert‘.

The event took place on December 23rd, during which stars from Korea, China, and Taiwan were invited to perform for fans. TVXQ, f(x), and Zhang Li Yin were invited by a satellite TV station, who chartered a luxurious VIP private jet to bring them to Sichuan.

TVXQ performed their new singles “Catch Me“ and “Humanoids“, as well as “Keep Your Head Down“, while f(x) performed “Electric Shock“, “Pinocchio“, and “NU ABO“. Zhang Li Yin sang in Chinese “Clear Day Cloudy Day” as well as “Lover“.

The ’2013 Sichuan Satellite Concert’ will air on December 31st on Sichuan Satellite TV.