jung joon young and roy kim enjoy a fun night out yuo   0 Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim enjoy a fun night out

Photos of Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim drinking at dinner with the staff of MBC‘s radio show ‘Noon Request Song‘ have become a hot topic online.

On February 14th, ‘Noon Request Song’ producers shared the above pictures with the tweet: “Jung Joon Young drinks well. Roy Kim eats well. The words that are heard the most here is ‘cute’…. they really are cute. ”

One picture shows Jung Joon Young mixing a beer and soju cocktail, while Roy Kim leans against a wall, and in the other, Roy Kim has his head down as Jung Joon Young downs a bottle of wine.

Netizens commented, “Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim are so cute“, “I want to drink the beer and soju mix that Jung Joon Young made“, and more.

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