Actress Lee Min Jung copies So Hee’s face expressions

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Actress Lee Min Jung copies So Hees face expressions

On the 1st SBS ‘One night TV Entertainment’ broadcasted an interview of Yoon Do Hyun, Jang Hyuk, Lee Min Jung, U-know Yunho, and So Hee who were all gathered for Good Downloader Campaign.

On this day when asked what the first impressions of others were, Min Jung replied “I met everyone for the first time and So Hee in particular I always thought was cute and wanted to see her in person”.

To which So Hee shyly replied “me too”. Lee Min Jung asked her “I really think your face expression is cute. Can you please show us”, So Hee looked a little taken but quickly showed her famous face expression, making Lee Min Jung laugh.

Netizens who saw the broadcast commented “even the actress agrees So Hee is cute”, “So Hee really has a unique appeal”, and etc…

Photo Credit: SBS Capture

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