INFINITE members show support for L’s ‘BRAVO VIEWTIFUL’

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The INFINITE members showed their love and support on Twitter for L‘s upcoming photo essay, ‘BRAVO VIEWTIFUL‘.

Sunggyu wrote a series of tweets, writing, “L, I love you“, “I’ll be supporting L-god’s photo essay from here, always“, and “Kim Myung Soo, I love you.”

Dongwoo posted a selca of himself and wrote, “Kim Myung Soo-L photographer, I congratulate you. Is it finally time for your masterpieces to be born! Are you curious of L-photographer’s view of the world!? If you’re curious… Our hidden selves may be in there, too ~.~ I’m really looking forward to it“.

Woohyun shared a photo L had took and wrote, “Please show a lot of love to Kim Myung-L photographer ♥ When did you take a picture of me.. This is surprising… You’re a professional……“.

Hoya also wrote, “Kim Myung-L!!! kekeke. The record of 93 days! Why didn’t you fill up 100 day~ keke. Fighting ^-^“. Sungyeol tweeted, “Kim Myung Su-L. L’s bravo beautiful life kekekekekekekekeke Send me a photo essay with your signature on it~ Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L“. Maknae Sungjong added on, “Kim Myung Soo-L photographer~♥_♥!!! I’m proud of you, hyung~>__<♡ Please show a lot of support to our Myung Soo hyung~@-@“.

Looks like even the INFINITE members can’t wait to see the photobook!

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