Andy reveals TEEN TOP’s Niel was asked out by JYP girl group member ‘S’

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Andy revealed that TEEN TOP‘s Niel was asked out by a JYP Entertainment girl group member starting with the name ‘S’!

All 6 Shinhwa members were present for the May 8 episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘. On the program, Hyesung asked Andy, “Is it true that a girl group member asked TEEN TOP’s Niel out?“. Andy answered, “To be honest, I sincerely asked him while having dinner together. I asked him, ‘Have you been asked out by a popular girl group member?’, and I heard that he had. But he told me he couldn’t tell me who it was. But I was so curious.”

Of course, Yoon Jong Shin was curious, too, and he guessed, “Is she from SM Entertainment or YG Entertainment?“, and Andy answered, “I heard it was from JYP Entertainment, a girl group member ‘S’.” The MCs were surprised at the answer and started making guesses immediately.

Andy showed his disappointment by saying, “I was so curious, but he never told me who.” When Hyesung inquired, “He was asked out, but they’re not dating“, he confirmed, “Yes, they aren’t dating.”

Excluding Sun (who’s married), Suzy, Sunmi, and Sohee are all ‘S’ girl group members in JYP Entertainment. Which one do you think it is?