Simon D reminisces on his ‘Hot Brother’ days

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Simon D reminisces on his ‘Hot Brother’ days

Rapper Simon D has revealed an old photo from his ‘Hot Brothers‘ days!

On February 4th, Simon D tweeted, “I found photos from when I was on “Hot Brothers and this one was a punishment that really didn’t feel like a punishment on Yeo-E Naru station with Gura hyung. Look how fresh we were.”

As if the whole situation was scripted, they both slightly glare at the top of the stairway.  Kim Gura and Simon D, both have their hands in their pockets and exuded a rather laid back and friendly atmosphere, it certainly doesn’t look like they were enduring a punishment. The heavy contrast between Gura’s enormous 184 cm height and Simon D’s height also made for an enjoyable impression.

The photos garnered diverse comments including: “The two look pretty fresh“, “It’s unfortunate that ‘Hot Brothers’ ended, it was such a fun show“, “Don’t you think the height difference is too much?“, and “I think the curly hair left a cuter impression” from netizens.

Source + image via Simon D’s Twitter