Crayon Pop criticized for the use of Ilbe slang on Twitter

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Chrome Entertainment clarifies the recent criticism regarding Crayon Pop's recent update on social networking site, Twitter.

On June 23rd, Crayon Pop updated their official Twitter account with a message saying, “You guys know that all of you were nomu nomu (intentional misspelling of very very) cool, right? We were really jealous of your fashion ㅋㅋㅋ Our fans are so cute ♥ Thank you and thank you again ^^ – From Wengchong.”

The said update caught the attention of the netizens with the use of the term “nomu nomu” which is a term used by conservative and right wing netizens. The term was created as a negative connotation to Korea's late president No Muhyun and is constantly used by Ilbe members. Ilbe is a social networking site used by conservative and right wing extremist citizens.

Currently, Crayon Pop is a hot topic on various online portrals after being suspected to be a member of the said networking site. This strengthened speculations of their involvement as Chrome Entertainment's CEO previously confirmed that he is a member of Ilbe.

Chrome Entertainment was quick to admit that they are a member of Ilbe. However, they clarified that they only joined the site as part of their research for the group.

Secret's Hyosung was previously a victim of such criticism for using admitting to be a member by using an Ilbe slang on a radio show.

The said tweet from Crayon Pop's account was deleted as of this posting.

What do you think of the issue? Does it matter if Crayon Pop is an Ilbe supporter?

Source: Newsen and NetizenBuzz