Stardom Entertainment to debut 13 member group Topp Dogg

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It was recently revealed that Stardom Entertainment will be debuting a new boy group soon. Though earlier thought to be around five or six members, Cho PD himself unveiled that 13 members will be included in the line-up.

While no members have been officially confirmed by the company, a variety of them has already appeared on Twitter before. Member KIDOH (Jin Hyosang, '92) was originally part of the BTS (Bangtan) line-up, while Yano (Seo Sangwon, '95), previously known as Snoop Swaggy, has already uploaded a series of rap practices and videos. Next to the two of them, Jenissi (Kim Taeyang, '91), Jiro (Shin Jiho, '94), Kim Hansol ('93), and Park Sehyuk ('91) are also known to be part of the current line-up. Whether the members debuting through Topp Dogg will remain the same isn't clear.

Topp Dogg, a name which represents the key player in a sports match, will be making their entrance in the music scene this October.

Will you be anticipating their debut?

Source: tvreport