breaking teaser released for new girl group exid erlxn 0 BREAKING: Teaser Released For New Girl Group EXID

Ready, set, EXID. The official teaser has been released on February 3rd and adorn the streets of Seoul. Shinsadong Horaengi is the maker of stars so there is much excitement surrounding these ladies. Could they have SNSD running scared?

The teaser is exactly that. The girl’s faces are hidden and only silhouettes shown. Interested yet? Here’s what their agency said, “EXID have chosen a guerrilla teaser poster to meet the public before their debut. We’re very surprised that many people are showing interest in the poster. EXID are trying their best now to have a satisfying debut performance. Please look forward to it.”

Single is released on 2/16. Kpopstarz will have it for you as soon as we can!



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