KARA to release "Bye Bye Happy Days" as new Japanese single later this month + cover pictures revealed

Five member girl group KARA will be revealing another single in a few weeks' time. “Bye Bye Happy Days” will be revealed in three different versions which will all share the same base tracklist of tracks “Bye Bye Happy Days,” “My Boy,” and its instrumentals. Limited Type A comes with an extra DVD featuring a music video, a dance version of that video and an off shot recording. Type B […]


KARA reveal album covers for Japanese single “Bye Bye Happy Days!”

Version A KARA will be making a return to the Japanese music scene with their 8th single! Though more details have yet to be revealed, “Bye Bye Happy Days!” is reported to be the A-side track on the single, and the coupling track is called “My Boy“. Ahead of its release on March 27th, all three versions of ‘Bye Bye Happy Days’ are currently taking up the top 3 spots […]


KARA stretch and work out in CF for K-Swiss

Earlier in the month, we reported that the ladies of KARA were selected as the new endorsement models for sportswear brand ‘K-Swiss‘. Now, the first CF featuring the KARA members was released and the girls set an example of what you should look like at the gym. The ladies managed to look sexy and gorgeous even when they were stretching and working out. The CF listed their ages, and it’s […]


KARA’s Jiyoung and f(x)’ Krystal spotted at entrance ceremony for SungKyunKwan University

KARA‘s Jiyoung and f(x)‘ Krystal have officially become college students! The two idol stars were recently spotted attending the entrance ceremony for SungKyunKwan University. The pictures show Krystal and Jiyoung in neat outfits, while they hang out with their fellow students and carry out interviews. The f(x) member went more casual, while Jiyoung decided on a more formal look with a white blouse and black blazer. Netizens commented, “Wow, they’re […]


Changmin lists the celebrities he feels SM Entertainment should have accepted

Changmin listed the celebrities he feels that SM Entertainment should have accepted. Everyone knows that entertainment companies sometimes make mistakes by eliminating certain talents during their auditions. The subject was brought up on the February 26 installment of ‘Moonlight Prince‘ and Changmin picked three he thought SM Entertainment should accepted into the company. He said, “Sometimes, I think our label has missed out on a lot of talents such as […]


Rainbow’s Jaekyung and Nine Muses’ Eunji form the girl group ’88 line

Two girls, Nine Muses‘ Eunji and Rainbow‘s Jaekyung, came together to form the ’88 line among girl groups. On February 24th, Eunji tweeted, “Waiting room of Inkigayo♥ We are ’88 line☆Gather here ’88 line” and shared the above picture. The picture showed Eunji and Jaekyung posing for the camera together. The two stars are of the same age, having been both born in 1988, and known for their close friendship. The two captured […]


KARA’s Gyuri makes cute yo-yo performance mistakes on ‘Star King’

KARA‘s Gyuri discovered just how hard it was to perform with a yo-yo on ‘Star King‘. On February 23rd’s airing of ‘Star King’, a Japanese world champion yo-yo performer  Hiroyuki Suzuki appeared on the show and displayed a spectacular performance, wowing the viewers and the KARA girls with dazzling yo-yo gymnastics. Following the performance, KARA members Gyuri and Jiyoung had the opportunity to collaborate with Suzuki as they hosted a yo-yo performance […]


KARA’s Jiyoung wants to know if you saw her ‘Dazed and Confused’ photos

KARA‘s Jiyoung made sure to let her fans know that they should check out her latest photo shoot with ‘Dazed and Confused‘ magazine. She tweeted the photo above with the message: “Have you seen my pictorial in ‘Dazed‘? [Hehe, We all worked hard today].” The idol, who recently turned 20 in Korea, is also letting fans know she’s not just the cute maknae. Many commented that her selca shows an elegant […]


Celebrities grieve over loss of A’st1′s Sung In Kyu

With the sudden news of A’st1‘s Sung In Kyu passing away after his long struggle with cancer, fellow celebrities were unable to hide their shock and offered their own last farewells to the former idol. As once labelmates of Sung In Kyu, DSP Media’s former and current artists were among many who paid their respects at his wake being held. They also tweeted farewell messages as well as offering condolences to his […]


KARA’s Jiyoung tricks fans with a graduation photo

Jiyoung had been just accepted into Sungkyunkwan University in November and won’t start school until March, so how is it that she could have graduated already? The KARA maknae confused everyone when she tweeted the above photo, in which fans initially thought Jiyoung was wearing her own college graduation cap, and writing, “I graduated“. Some thought maybe it’s a late graduation from high school, and others were just plain confused as […]