‘Asia’s Star’ BoA to return to Japan

Get ready, Japan, because BoA is headed your way! BoA will be returning to Japanese promotions with a new single that’s set to release in June. She did release “Only One” in Japan in February, but this will be her first original Japanese song since December of 2011. Because she’s been active in Korea, especially with ‘K-Pop Star‘, she hasn’t had time to promote in Japan. While she was absent, her […]


TVXQ rakes in over $92 million in overseas concert revenues

Why do K-pop groups keep going to Japan for promotions? Well, the answer is quite simple: because promoting in Japan is very lucrative. Take TVXQ for example. TVXQ will be continuing onward with their 5-dome tour in Japan until mid-August. In all, they will perform 18 times in front of an audience of 850,000 people. At an average cost of 120,000 KRW (approximately $109 USD) per ticket, the revenue from all […]


Gyuri rides the subway while filming for ‘Nail Salon Paris’

KARA‘s Gyuri was spotted riding the subway while filming her upcoming MBC Queen drama ‘Nail Salon Paris‘. The still cut was unveiled on KARA’s official ‘LINE‘ account and it was accompanied with the text, “Gyuri took the subway for the first time in a while”. In the shared snapshot, Gyuri was holding onto the handles while maintaining her ‘Goddess’ image with her long hair and chic outfit. She also looks […]


Song Hye Gyo and Im Se Mi volunteer at a shelter for dogs

Song Hye Gyo and fellow ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘ co-star Im Se Mi have been spotted helping shelter dogs! The volunteer group ‘KARA‘ posted photos of the two actresses working at a house in Yeoju that sheltered dogs. The two stars dressed in blue work outfits and masks as well as caps to protect them from the sun. Along with the other volunteers, they helped clean up the shelter and […]


KARA’s Nicole goes for a ‘healing green’ for ‘SURE’

KARA‘s Nicole went green for a fresh spring look for ‘SURE‘! She took on the theme of ‘healing green’ for the photo shoot. Instead of the sexy or charismatic image she shows on stage, Nicole was all-smiles for the energetic pictorial. Her usually happy personality went perfectly with the healing theme. Of course, she couldn’t leave out flower prints and one-pieces for a spring photo shoot, but she also gave a […]


KARA’s Seungyeon is as sweet as apples for ‘Beauty+’

KARA‘s Seungyeon, who’s already the apple of her fans’ eyes, modeled for “Korea’s best beauty magazine” ‘Beauty+‘! She went for a lolita look for the magazine, going for bright red lips and bright orange blush. She let her hair free in wild curls, emphasizing the ‘nature’ look with flower-print dresses. Seungyeon managed to look both like an innocent girl and a mature woman with her expressions. Despite her short height, […]


Why did Gyuri cry while recently filming for ‘Nail Salon Paris’?

KARA‘s Gyuri burst into tears while filming for ‘Nail Salon Paris‘! In the middle of filming on April 23, the power suddenly went out, shocking all the actors on set. After a tense moment, the lights came back on and the mood quickly changed to a pleasant surprise when the staff members walked in with cake and stated to the actors, “You did well“. All the actors were dumbfounded, but […]


SISTAR’s Bora does MBLAQ’s Mir a favor on ‘Real Men’

MBLAQ‘s Mir owed a debt of gratitude to SISTAR‘s Bora on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Real Men‘. On the newest broadcast of the army variety program, the six cast members continued their training as part of a real-life army training experience. Following the conclusion of training for the day, their fellow army recruits were entranced by Mir’s notebook, which contained phone numbers of many female idols. In order to […]


f(x)’ Sulli introduces her fellow ‘egg’ friend!

f(x)‘s Sulli took an adorably goofy selca with her fellow ‘egg’ friend! She posted a photo with KARA‘s Jiyoung onto her me2day and wrote, “The egg~ is here!” The pair are smiling brightly at the camera, both making unique aegyo faces. The two are well-known to be very close friends, and fans should know that Sulli’s ‘egg’ refers to the fact that she calls Jiyoung ‘egg whites’ and that Jiyoung calls Sulli […]


Jun Ji Hoo reveals he and Gyuri had a lot of kiss scenes for ‘Nail Salon Paris’

So just what were the most memorable scenes for actor Jun Ji Hoo while shooting the new drama ‘Nail Salon Paris‘? It turns out they were the kiss scenes with co-star KARA‘s Gyuri! The cast of the new drama held a press conference on the 26th at the Seoul Yeouido CGV. When the MC asked him about the most memorable scenes, Jun Ji Hoo shared, “There were a lot of kiss scenes. So […]