How do girl groups maintain their figures?

Ever wanted to know how girl groups maintain their figures? Well, you’re in luck some of their trainers have revealed some secrets on how the female stars get their abs and toned legs. During a recent filming for Y-STAR‘s ‘Gunggeumta‘, celebrity trainers revealed that girl groups put in a lot of hard work and dedication to maintain their figures through intense workouts and strict diets. A trainer revealed that Girls’ […]


Junhyung’s latest update refuels breakup rumors with KARA’s Hara

Though DSP and Cube have already denied breakup rumors, Junhyung‘s latest selca update on Twitter has refueled talk. On March 15th, the B2ST member posted, “Laugh, man,” as well as the photo above to the same SNS that started speculation that he and KARA‘s Hara may have broken up. When fans noticed that the idol couple un-followed each other on Twitter, many assumed that the two were on the rocks […]


Full PV for KARA’s “Bye Bye Happy Days” revealed

After releasing the short PV, KARA has released the full PV for their 8th Japanese single, “Bye Bye Happy Days“! Unlike the title, the song is bright, cheery, and sounds happy. The visuals of the PV including the outfits and color scheme is a good fit for the Japanese market with cute dresses and pastel like colors. “Bye Bye Happy Days!” will be released on March 27, in the mean […]


Rainbow see KARA as their destined rivals

Rainbow, who finally made their long-awaited comeback with “Tell Me Tell Me“, opened up about returning to the K-pop scene after almost two years. Hyunyoung shared, “Since we’re promoting after a long hiatus, even in our fast-paced and busy lifestyle, our bodies are tired, but we don’t think we’re tired. Whatever our schedule, we are able to enjoy it, so it’s really good.” Jisook: “Our hiatus was not in vain. I […]


KARA’s Seungyeon goes jet black for ‘Jang Ok Jung’

KARA‘s Seungyeon updated fans with her new black hairstyle for the historical drama ‘Jang Ok Jung‘ which takes place during a time when hair dye didn’t exist. Seungyeon posted to Twitter, “It’s been a long time, everyone~. I finished the first filming for ‘Jang Ok Jung’, but I still can’t get used to my black hair~.. To be honest, I still can’t get used to Twitter either… [scratch],” sharing her […]


KARA releases short PV for “Bye Bye Happy Days”

KARA has released a short PV for their 8th Japanese single, “Bye Bye Happy Days“! Unlike what the title seems to suggest, the song is actually a bright, happy song, a perfect match for KARA’s cute image. Even though the music video doesn’t say if it is a short or the full PV, the fact that it fades off prematurely seems to hint that there will be a full version […]


KARA’s Seungyeon confesses she lost sleep over ‘Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love’

KARA‘s Seungyeon revealed how nervous she was for her role in ‘Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love‘. The drama held its first press conference on the 11th at the Gyeonggido Ilsan SBS Production Center, where Seungyeon commented, “It’s my first time acting in a historical drama, and I play the evil role. I had my first filming today. I really come out in the latter half, but today I filmed a […]


KARA’s Gyuri and Jiyoung step out for a date

The girls of KARA recently took a break to wind down from their schedule. “Together with Gyuri unnie on Daehak-ro,” Jiyoung posted to her Twitter earlier today. Daehak-ro is a Seoul street famous for its theaters and nightlife. Appearing incognito on the streets of the city, Jiyoung and Gyuri snapped a furtive picture together. Although their faces are covered by giant white masks with the words “quiet!” on them, they […]


Gyuri transforms into a pretty Flower Boy for ‘Nail Salon Paris’

KARA‘s Gyuri is famous for her Goddess image, but Gyuri managed to pull off the boyish look as well. For her drama ‘Nail Salon Paris‘, Gyuri will be dressing up as a pretty Flower Boy. On March 8, the drama released still cuts of the boy-Gyuri, where she had short hair and dressed in a boyish fashion. Gyuri’s character dresses up as a boy to be hired at a nail […]


CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and SISTAR’s Hyorin the first guests on premiere of ‘I’m Your Substitute Angel’

Viewers will be seeing CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa and SISTAR‘s Hyorin on the premiere of MBC‘s variety show, ‘I’m Your Substitute Angel‘. The two idol stars were invited as the first guests on the pilot episode, and they’ve already wrapped up filming. The show, MCed by Yoon Do Hyun, Tak Jae Hoon, Eun Ji Won, and KARA‘s Hara, is the replacement of the short-lived ‘Talk Club Actors‘. Each week, the four MCs and the […]