Kero One & Jeni Suk to perform at NYC’s Drom on April 15

Jazz-hop musician Kero One will be headlining a show at New York City’s Drom with YouTube sensation Jeni Suk on April 15! Kero One is a rapper, producer, and DJ from California known for leading the jazz-hop movement. He’s released 4 full albums so far, and dozens of 12″ vinyl, mix CDs, and cassette tapes. He’ s been praised by big names in both underground and mainstream, such as Aloe […]


Kero One releases behind the scenes video from his upcoming MV “Shortcuts”

Kero One, a pioneer for Asian American artists, dropped his new album ‘Color Theory‘ last week. He’s set to release his upcoming music video “Shortcuts” and earlier today he released a behind the scenes video. The music video is directed by Ross Ching and features Sam Ock along with Yuri Tag. Some tracks from Kero One’s album: You can support him by purchasing his album on iTunes.


Kero One releases "Color Theory" album + "What Am I Supposed To Do?" MV

Kero One has successfully released his 4th album, “Color Theory.” In May, Kero One announced that he would be releasing “Color Theory” using backing from Kickstarter, a “new all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.” With the help of donations, Kero One was able to raise $10,000USD, which partially funded the album's release. Kero One commented on the album's title, “I believe color theory […]


Dumbfoundead releases “Loves Gonna Getcha” ft. Kero One & Dynamic Duo

Dope Korean American rapper Dumbfoundead has released “Loves Gonna Getcha” as a free download featuring fellow Korean American rapper Kero One along with Dynamic Duo. These four MC’s got together to bless the mic with this track as they went on a tour earlier in the year. Just a heads up, remember to support Kero One’s goal of raising $10,000 at Kickstarter.


Kero One shares Making of “Color Theory” video

Kero One, a pioneer for Asian American artists, is set to release his new album ‘Color Theory‘ this summer. He’s doing what he has passion for and loves, but making music isn’t cheap. He recorded, manufactured, marketed, and distributed his last three studio albums and needs some help to fund his upcoming album using which will feature Korean-American artists such as Clara C, Dumbfoundead, Jeni Suk, Myk, & Sam […]


[VIDEO] Kero One releases MV for “What Am I Supposed to Do?”

After nearly two-year hiatus, Korean-American rapper Kero One will be making his comeback with his new single titled “What Am I Supposed to Do?”. Ahead of its official release, Kero One unveiled the full music video for the song. “What Am I Supposed to Do?” is a hip hop upbeat track and features the vocals of singer Suhn. It has been revealed that 50% of the proceeds from the sale […]


Kero One releases “What Am I Supposed to Do?” ft. Suhn

Talented bay area Korean American rapper Kero One is set to release a new album this summer. Ahead of this release, he has dropped the music video for the lead single from the forthcoming album titled “What Am I Supposed to Do?” The track features the soulful vocals of Suhn (The Tones), and it’s a song with a call to action. The track, along with the self-directed music video, reminds […]


Kero One releases MV for "What Am I Supposed to Do?"

San Francisco native and Korean-American emcee Kero One is set to make his comeback with his new single “What Am I Supposed to Do?” featuring singer Suhn. The single, releasing under Plug Label, will mark Kero One's first release in nearly two years. To complement the release, Kero One unveiled the music video for his track on his official YouTube channel today. “What Am I Supposed to Do?” is a […]


Win Tickets to See Dynamic Duo, Simon D, Kero One, and Dumbfoundead in LA!

Hi Soompiers in LA! For the first time ever, Dynamic Duo, Simon D of Supreme Team, and Kero One, along with special guest Dumbfoundead, will be performing in Los Angeles together! This unique concert will take place on Saturday, April 14 at the House of Blues; and for this spectacular show, Soompi is happy to give away two pairs of tickets to dear readers! If you wish to join our […]


Dynamic Duo, Simon D, and Kero One to perform in Seattle and Los Angeles next week + ticket info

At the beginning of March, it was revealed that Korean hip-hop artists Dynamic Duo and Simon D would be performing in the United States. Dynamic Duo and Simon D will be performing with Kero One as well, a Korean hip-hop artist, producer, and DJ. Dynamic Duo and Simon D will be performing their first concert tour in the United States with Kero One on next week. The first stop on […]