What do KARA’s Nicole, 2NE1′s Dara, and Minzy have in common?

What do 2NE1‘s Dara, Minzy, and KARA‘s Nicole have in common? ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?‘ has become one of the must-see shows to tune in to every Sunday, so it’s no surprise that celebrities have also become fans of the show or the adorable boys to be exact. Nicole showed her love for actor Sung Dong Il‘s son Sung Joon, tweeting, “Joonㅜㅜ He’s so loveableㅜㅜ In the far, far, far~~~~ future, I […]


Celebrities grieve over loss of A’st1′s Sung In Kyu

With the sudden news of A’st1‘s Sung In Kyu passing away after his long struggle with cancer, fellow celebrities were unable to hide their shock and offered their own last farewells to the former idol. As once labelmates of Sung In Kyu, DSP Media’s former and current artists were among many who paid their respects at his wake being held. They also tweeted farewell messages as well as offering condolences to his […]


KARA’s Nicole suffers a minor embarrassment while performing a magic trick on ‘Star King’

On February 16th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Star King‘, magicians Yoo Hyun Min and Park Eun Kyung used different outfits to perform a flashy magic trick. KARA‘s Nicole, Seungyeon, and Gyuri joined them for their final magic performance on the stage. The magicians had Nicole and Seungyeon wear skin-colored dresses while Gyuri donned a red dress. They all wore a black cape over their dresses. The magicians then asked the audience […]


KARA’s Hara reveals the secret to her ‘ant waist’

KARA‘s Hara revealed the secret to her famous “ant waist” on the February 16th episode of KBS2‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘. The show’s crew interviewed KARA on the set of a photo shoot, and the reporter asked the members how they maintain their figures. Nicole answered, “I do a lot of pilates and stretching.” Hara also revealed the secret to her thin waist. She stated, “In order to make my waistline look […]


Taecyeon and Wu Ying Jie confirmed for ‘world version' of ‘We Got Married'

Taecyeon and Wu Ying Jie (stage name Gui Gui) have been confirmed for the ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married‘. There had been various rumors and speculation about their potential coupling, and a representative from MBC confirmed that the pair will be ‘married’ for the ‘world version’. On the show, they will be sharing each other’s culture to better understand each other. Wu Ying Jie was chosen with much consideration from Taecyeon’s […]


2PM’s Taecyeon and KARA’s Nicole revealed to be considering offers to participate in a ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married’

KARA‘s Nicole and 2PM‘s Taecyeon are in talks to star in a ‘world version’ of the popular faux-marriage variety program ‘We Got Married‘, according to agencies responsible for both idol groups. Taecyeon was reported to have been confirmed for ‘We Got Married’ earlier on with the news about the potential leave of Lee Joon-Oh Yeon Seo couple. Although, JYP Entertainment had later denied the news, they have revealed that the idol […]


KARA’s Nicole shows her friendship with After School’s Nana

KARA‘s Nicole displayed her happiness at re-uniting with her close friend, After School‘s Nana. Snapping a series of photos with her fellow 91-liner (Nicole was born in October, while Nana was born in September), the two beautiful ladies fill up the camera with their vibrant beauty. “Loveable Nana~~~ it was so great seeing you so much since we practiced for the end of the year together ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” she posted to […]


Jiyoung photobombs Nicole as a baby chick?

KARA‘s Nicole revealed a photo of a ’baby chick’ Jiyoung. On January 24, Nicole shared the above photo and wrote, “Kkang-ji was a baby chick today, heh. She was playing with selcas by herself but got into a pose right away (for my selca) heh.” The photo showed Nicole taking a beautiful smiling selca. The photo also captured Jiyoung in a layered yellow dress hopping in right before the photo was […]


Performances from the ’27th Golden Disk Awards’ (Day 1)

On January 15th and 16th, many of Korea’s top musicians and pop stars gathered at the Sepang International Circuit in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia for the ‘27th Golden Disk Awards‘. Although the winners were already announced, jTBC aired the first day of the award show on January 19. This year, the show was divided into two parts: the first part (held on January 15th) honored the winners of the physical album categories, […]


KARA’s Seungyeon is most jealous of Jiyoung?

KARA‘s Seungyeon shared that she’s the most jealous of maknae member Jiyoung. The January 12th broadcast of ‘Entertainment Relay‘ followed the KARA members at their concert in Japan’s Tokyo Dome. They were the first Korean girl group to ever hold a concert at the venue. The concert quickly sold out its 45,000 available seats. On the show, Hara, Gyuri, and Jiyoung chose Nicole as the member they found the most sexy, […]