Interview with Director Lee Hark-Joon

© Chosun and Minch&Films On November 17th the world premiere of the K-pop documentary Nine Muses of Star Empire was held. The documentary was shown at the International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) in Amsterdam. The director Lee Hark-Joon followed members of Nine Muses for one year, documenting the ups and downs of their lives as trainees. Despite of his busy promotion schedule Lee Hark-Joon took time to give an interview […]


Nine Muses to wrap up comeback activities this week

After a good round of promotional actives for their first album, “Prima Donna,” Nines Muses will be concluding their comeback activities this week. Nines Muses started their comeback activities promoting their title track, “Gun” back in October, followed by “Glue” soon after, enticing fans with their retro, disco concept. According to their agency, Nine Muses had a busy year with the release of their first studio album and full-scale comeback […]


Nine Muses set to comeback with their 1st studio album next month

Nine Muses has officially announced their comeback by revealing that they will be releasing their first studio album this October. Earlier today, Nine Muses announced on their official Twitter account that they will be releasing their first studio album “PRIMA DONNA” and will be promoting the title track, “Gun.” A comeback teaser image featuring all members of the group was also revealed through their homepage, hinting fans of their new […]


Nine Muses teaches point choreography for "Wild"

After releasing their mini-album, the ladies of Nine Muses return to teach fans the point choreography of their newest track, “Wild.” The members open by describing the dance as different from that of their song “Dolls” as it shows a “femme fatale” side of Nine Muses. The dance has three parts: beautiful legs, let's go together, and okay dance. Nine Muses sports matching white outfits with a signature chic white […]


Nine Muses reveal their practice video for ‘Music Bank’ special performance

If you didn’t already know, this week’s ‘Music Bank‘ featured special performances by some of your favorite idols for its 700th episode special. One of those idols was girl group Nine Muses, who put on the classic by Park Ji Yoon, “Adult Ceremony“. The girls pulled off a great performance, and it turns out the secret behind it all was, of course, practice! So now that ‘Music Bank’ has aired, […]


Shinhwa pose with their hoobaes Girls’ Generation, 2PM, and Nine Muses

Shinhwa gifted their beloved hoobaes with the special versions of their 11th album ‘The Classic‘! Girls’ Generation, 2PM, and Nine Muses all experienced the love backstage for the 700th episode special of KBS 2TV‘s Music Bank, and they were all smiles as they took photos together with the legendary group. Girls’ Generation did the trademark ‘We are Shinhwa!’ pose as they held up their copies of the album with their […]


Nine Muses reveals a sexy dance practice video for “WILD”

Nine Muses had fans going ‘WILD‘ for their comeback, and the model-idols are providing another treat with the reveal of a dance practice video for their title track! The group gives everyone something to enjoy in this video with the eye candy and the detailed look at their choreography for the song. The nine beautiful ladies show off their synchronized moves, which were made all the more sexy with their […]


Nine Muses releases MV for "Wild" + full mini-album

Having released numerous teaser images and a music video teaser, Nine Muses finally unveiled the full music video for their song “Wild” and a new mini-album of the same name. Showcasing a more provocative side of the group, the music video for “Wild” was filmed in gray scale with occasional hues of red. The sexy choreography present in the video also complements the song's sultry concept, and the beautiful, sexy […]


Dance version of Nine Muses’ “WILD” MV is here

Nine Muses drove their fans “WILD“ with the release of their new mini album and the music video yesterday, but if you thought the releases were over, you’re in for a pleasant surprise because the dance version of their MV is here! This version concentrates only on the choreography involved without the member close ups you get in the original, allowing you to learn the details of their dance. Take […]


Nine Muses go ‘WILD’ with the release of comeback MV

Nine Muses are here to drive you “WILD“ with the release of their new mini album of the same name and the music video for the title track! The muses have been building up quite a bit of excitement with their sexy photos with the black, red, and white color scheme, and also gave us a sneak peek of what we can expect through a video teaser. The wait’s over […]