Nine Muses reveal their practice video for ‘Music Bank’ special performance

If you didn’t already know, this week’s ‘Music Bank‘ featured special performances by some of your favorite idols for its 700th episode special. One of those idols was girl group Nine Muses, who put on the classic by Park Ji Yoon, “Adult Ceremony“. The girls pulled off a great performance, and it turns out the secret behind it all was, of course, practice! So now that ‘Music Bank’ has aired, […]


Han Ji Hye reveals her fashion must-have

Actress Han Ji Hye dished out a secret on how to maintain a perfect profile, and the fashion must-have that she deems is necessary. The hidden secret, according to the actress, is making sure that your legs are the focal point. “Most fashion points should be given to the legs,” she shared on a recent broadcast of a cable program. “To show off my legs, I like to wear high-end […]


Hyun Young, Park Ji Yoon, and Jung Jun Ha show off their ‘D-lines’

Park Ji Yoon, Hyun Young, and Jung Jun Ha showed off their ‘D-lines’ on the latest ’SS Road‘ (‘God of Food Road‘), a show dedicated to featuring delicious food. The three MCs continued their ’2013 Nationwide Restaurant Tour’ in Gwangju. After testing out delicious meals from one restaurant to the next, the gluttony took a toll on them. The stars stood up after their last meal of the day and showed off […]


Hara, Son Tae Young, and Park Ji Yoon choose their own ‘Dior’ color

To celebrate their 2013 S/S ‘Addict Gloss’ line, ‘Dior‘ held a special launching press event which was held at the swanky Woo Bar in the W Seoul-Walkerhill Hotel. KARA‘s Hara, Son Tae Young, and Park Ji Yoon were some of the celebrities that attended the event, and they all chose their own favorite color from the line. Hara chose the ‘Addict Extreme Princess 553′ as her favorite, claiming she was […]


Way Back Wednesday: The Ones that JYP Should Have Kept

K-pop has been pretty much a fickle industry as groups come and go and trends peak and fade. One of the things that tend to change very often is the management affiliations of some of our favorite K-poppers. The reasons vary why artists leave their management but rarely is anything in entertainment permanent. One of the companies that has had some tremendous talent leave its ranks over the years is […]


Hyun Young returns to ‘SS Road’ and impresses with her postpartum figure

TV personality Hyun Young recently made a return to her previous cooking show, Y-STAR‘s ‘SS Road‘ (‘God of Food Road‘), after seven months following her wedding and the birth of her first child. Hyun Young made a surprise appearance on the set of ‘SS Road’s Christmas special and confidently entered saying, “[I am] the surprise present,” shocking both the MCs and staff with her S-line figure even after giving birth. […]


Profile photos of upcoming magic variety ‘Magic Concert’ featuring Park Myung Soo and Jung Jun Ha released

On November 28th, official profile pictures for a new corner in MBC’s ‘Sunday Night‘ line-up titled ‘Magic Concert This is Magic‘ were released online. Featuring MCs Park Myung Soo, Jung Jun Ha, Park Ji Yoon, and magician Choi Hyun Woo, the cuts show the team dressed to the nines. Jung Jun Ha and Park Myung Soo will surely be a viewers’ favorite, as they’ve already been nicknamed the ‘Ha and […]


MBC to replace ‘God of Victory’ with ‘Magic Concert’

After cancelling its Sunday evening variety program ‘God of Victory‘ due to low ratings, MBC has announced that it would be filling the spot with a new magic variety show, ‘Magic Concert This is Magic‘. Featuring the hosting talents of Jung Jun Ha, Park Myung Soo, and announcer Park Ji Yoon, the new program will feature some of Korea’s most talented magicians as they put on a spectacular magic show […]


Stars attend the VIP premiere of ‘Don’t Cry Mommy’

The VIP screening for the film ‘Don’t Cry Mommy‘ was held on November 15th at the CGV Yongsan theater in Seoul. Directed by Kim Yong Han, ‘Don’t Cry Mommy’ is a film that revolves around a mother who seeks revenge on her daughter’s rapists after her high school daughter commits suicide. Many stars attended the VIP premiere including Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), U-KISS, Kim Hye Jin, Son Hyun Joo, Julien […]


How is HaHa getting ready for his honeymoon?

Former announcer Park Ji Yoon revealed HaHa‘s honeymoon night plans. Park Ji Yoon, a close friend of HaHa’s, featured as a guest on MBC Music‘s ‘HaHa’s 19TV Mutiny‘, where she mentioned HaHa’s preparations for his honeymoon with singer Byul. She revealed, “I went to film in Japan with HaHa recently. I was shopping with him after the filming, and I found various adult items he bought in secret.” Her revelation […]