Kara Begins Pre Sale Orders of Their Figurines!

“Gotta Catch Em All!” As we reported before, Kara‘s figurines in their “Mister” attire was to be released at the end of March. Pre-sale orders for the figurines have begun as of April 24 in South Korea. It is the first time that a girl group in South Korea has had figurines created for them. In the past celebrities such as Seo Taiji and Ryu Shi Won had figurines made […]


Ryu Si Won’s wife seeks provisional seizure worth over $3 million from Ryu Si Won

Amidst the ongoing divorce mediation between actor Ryu Si Won and his wife, new reports revealed that Ryu Si Won’s wife is seeking provisional seizure on Ryu Si Won’s property and assets. According to reports, Ryu Shi Won’s wife, Jo Soo In who is 31 years old, filed for the provisional seizure of Ryu Shi Won’s $2.6 million USD villa and an additional $881,134 USD in cash.  The villa which is […]


Ryu Shi Won's Wife Files Provisional Attachment for $1 Million USD and $3 Million USD Villa on Top of Divorce Papers


Ryu Shi Won Returns to Filming of "Goodbye Dear Wife"

Due to recent events Ryu Shi Won had stopped filming for his upcoming drama “Goodbye Dear Wife.” As we reported earlier, Ryu Shi Won’s wife “Jo Soo In” filed divorce papers on March 22. The two married in October, 2010 and have a daughter that was born on January 2, 2011. A representative of the drama stated on April 12, “Ryu Shi Won is filming since yesterday once again. Although […]


Ryu Shi Won Official Response: "Have Not Reached Agreement Regarding Divorce"

Ryu Shi Won‘s agency made an official statement regarding his divorce. As we reported earlier today, we figured out that Ryu Shi Won’s wife “Jo Soo In” has filed divorce papers on March 22. The two married in October, 2010 and have a daughter that was born on January 2, 2011. On April 9 Ryu Shi Won’s agency RS Company stated, “Ryu Shi Won has not made any agreements regarding […]


Ryu Shi Won's Wife Files Divorce Papers


Park Ji Yoon as a Femme Fatale in “Goodbye Wife”

Singer Park Ji Yoon has returned to the small screen, playing the role of femme fatale, “Oh Hyang Ki.” Park Ji Yoon’s plays Ryu Shi Won‘s first love in her new drama, “Goodbye Wife.” In the released stills of the drama, Park Ji Yoon entices Ryu Shi Won to stay with her by shedding a few tears and tempting him with her goddess-like beauty. Ryu Shi Won’s character, a married man, is unable […]


Park Ji Yoon Stars with Ryu Shi Won in “Goodbye Wife”

Returning to the small screen, singer-songwriter, Park Ji Yoon, is set to appear in “Goodbye Wife,” a romantic comedy, which will be airing on May 7 on the Channel A. Park Ji Yoon will be transforming herself into the bad-girl temptress character of “Oh Hyang Ki,” a woman with a troubled past and Ryu Shi Won‘s character’s first love. A still of the timeless beauty was released, which depicts a conflicting […]


Ryu Shi Won to Return to TV After 4 Years

Actor Ryu Shi Won has been casted to play the main character of upcoming Channel A drama “Goodbye Wifey (Goodbye Manool).” This is his first TV appearance in four years since SBS “Style” in 2009. In “Goodbye Wifey,” Ryo Shi Won will play Cha Seung Hyuk, an ex-martial arts champion, CEO of a major sports center, and a rather insensitive and childish husband.  Cha Seung Hyuk was one of the […]