Supernova releases "She's Gone" single + MV

After releasing their last single, “Stupid Love,” in April, male group vocalist Supernova has revealed their newest single on August 9th, “She's Gone.” Their newest single has a total of four tracks, two of which are the instrumental versions of the tracks included, “She's Gone” and “Addicted.” Along with the single's release, Supernova's title track music video, “She's Gone,” was revealed. “She's Gone” has a blend of sophisticated and addictive […]


Supernova returns to M! Countdown with "Stupid Love"

On April 17th, Supernova made their return to the Korean music industry with the release of their mini album, “Stupid Love.” “Stupid Love” contains three tracks including the title track, “Stupid Love,” as well as “Saturday” and “Stop Girl.” The album also contains an instrumental track of each of the three tracks on the album. Supernova, also known as Choshinsung in Korean, released the music video for their title track, […]


Supernova is tired of “Stupid Love” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Supernova has returned to the music scene with their new track titled “Stupid Love“! For their newest material, the members of Supernova tossed aside their previous styles of music and have put together something much more polished and unconventional. The dub-step incorporations and the addictive rhymes of their new powerful dance track “Stupid Love” is sure not to disappoint. Check out Supernova’s performance on today’s episode of ‘M! Countdown‘ below, […]


[VIDEO] Short dance video of Supernova's Stupid Love!

Have a look at the video recorded at the filming set of Stupid Love MV. Supernova’s members are dancing to their new song Stupid Love in the video below,do you like the choreography of this song?


Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) Releases MV for "Stupid Love"

After releasing their new mini album yesterday, Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) has now released their full music video for their title track “Stupid Love.” Produced by Brave Brothers, this dance pop song incorporates electronic and dubstep sounds.    They will be promoting as a five member group as their leader, Yoon Hak, enlisted in the military last October. As previously reported, Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung is featured in the music […]


Supernova’s album jacket photos for “Stupid Love” released

Supernova‘s album jacket photos for “Stupid Love” have been released. The group returned after a year and a half with “Stupid Love” and recently came out with the full music video for the single featuring Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung. The ‘Stupid Love’ mini-album came out in stores April 17th KST. Check out the photos and track list from Supernova’s mini-album below: .gallery-item {width: 33%;} Tracklist: 1. Stupid Love 2. Saturday 3. […]


Supernova unleashes music video for “Stupid Love”

After announcing their comeback and releasing a music video teaser, Supernova has now revealed their music video for their new track, “Stupid Love.” Featuring Kang Minkyung from Davichi, the video shows a cool and fresh image of Supernova. The track, produced by Brave Brothers, incorporates dubstep elements with strong and addictive melodies. The leader Yoonhak is currently serving in the army. Therefore Supernova will come back as a five member […]


[VIDEO] Supernova released Stupid Love MV!

Check out the full MV of Supernova’s new song Stupid Love. Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung is featured in the MV too,enjoy!


Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) Releases MV Teaser for "Stupid Love"

After a long break from promoting in Korea, Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) is set to make their comeback this week with a new mini album. They will be promoting as a five member group as their leader, Yoon Hak, is currently enlisted in the military.  While their mini album was released today, April 17, in Korea, the music video is set for release tomorrow. Yesterday we reported that Davichi‘s Kang […]


Supernova releases “Stupid Love” + MV teaser featuring Davichi’s Kang Minkyung

Supernova‘s newest teaser featuring Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung is drawing much attention from netizens everywhere. On April 16th, Supernova released the teaser to their new single “Stupid Love“, their first release in one year and 6 months. The 15-second teaser features Davichi’s Kang Minkyung as the female lead, dressed in a short indigo dress that displayed her curvy figure. The way Kang Minkyung exchanged glances with the Supernova members in the […]