Girls’ Generation achieves Triple Crown on Oricon, a feat only previously achieved by Mr. Children

Girls’ Generation has achieved a triple crown on the Oricon Weekly Charts, a feat that was only previously achieved by Japanese rock band Mr. Children. On October 2nd, Girls’ Generation achieved #1 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart with their single “Oh!“. In addition, the ‘Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection‘ reached the top of both the Oricon Weekly DVD and Blu-ray Disc charts. Oricon revealed, “This is the first time […]


Girls Generation-TTS’ “Twinkle” Wins Triple Crown on Mnet M Countdown


SHINee wraps up “Sherlock” promotions

SHINee has officially finished their Korea promotions for their newest album “Sherlock.” The boys wrapped up their short one month promotion campaign and will now be heading to tour Japan. “Sherlock” won first place for two consecutive weeks on Mnet Countdown and won the triple crown Mutizen on Inkigayo for April 15th. SHINee’s Japan tour will start April 25th titled “THE FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2012” starting in […]


Big Bang Wins Triple Crown On Inkigayo

    After one comeback album, three new MVs and multiple successful live performances, Big Bang has won the much coveted Triple Crown on SBS Inkigayo, on the 25th of March . Other significant acts that marked the show were SHINee, who performed to their latest songs, Sherlock and Stranger and Taw and Haha, who performed to The Person By My Side. CUBE Entertainment‘s rookie group, BtoB, performed to Insane […]


T-Ara Hopes to Volunteer Three More Times This Year

  Not too long ago girl group T-ara made a commitment to volunteer if they won a “Triple Crown” on SBS‘s Inkigayo for Lovey Dovey. After their win they kept their promise and now they wish to do volunteer work at least three more times this year. During a press release on the 2nd of February, T-ara’s agency revealed: “T-ara is busy this year with domestic and Japanese activities, but […]


T-ARA keeps its promise after its Triple Crown

  It isn’t every day where you see idols more deserving of the term ‘idol’ than the members of  T-ARA. The popular girl group made a series of promises to their fans. After winning earlier this year on Inkigayo, the group rewarded its fans with a performance on the subway as promised. Now, with the prestigious Triple Crown win, the members decided that it was time to step it up […]


T-ara keeps their ‘Triple Crown’ promise by volunteering for a worthy cause

A few days back, T-ara had promised to volunteer for a worthy cause with their ‘Triple Crown’. The girls continued to make a strong impression as positive role models by coming out to fulfill their promise. When T-ara initially announced their intention to volunteer after winning a triple consecutive music program win, they received some backlash. Core Contents Media later explained that the girls wanted to wait so they could use the […]


T-ara Receives Triple Crown

T-ara received the Triple Crown on “Inkigayo”. On January 29, T-ara’s mini album’s title song “Lovey Dovey” won 1st place on SBS’s music program “Inkigayo”. It has been first place for three consecutive weeks setting a record.  On this day, T-ara received two trophies at the same time, because “Inkigayo” for January 22 was canceled due to the “2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Concert”.  T-ara said, “We are happy to finally receive […]


T-ara Pledges To Volunteer If The Win The Triple Crown Win For “Lovey Dovey”

  It looks like T-ara wants to give back, just as long as they win the Triple Crown for “Lovey Dovey”. Now that the track as two wins on ‘M! Countdown’, the Triple Crown is in their reach.  Hyomin revealed a self created poster for the song along with this comment, “With the achievement of a Triple Crown for ‘Lovey Dovey’, we will participate in a memorable volunteer activity.”   […]


T-ara promises to volunteer for a worthy cause with a Triple Crown win

Girl group T-ara has promised to volunteer for a worthy cause if they’re able to achieve a ‘Triple Crown’ with one more 1st place win. The girls shared a poster created by Hyomin herself, which states, “With the achievement of a Triple Crown for ‘Lovey Dovey’, we will participate in a memorable volunteer activity.” Core Contents Media stated, “T-ara was originally planning to volunteer earlier this year, but it seemed like […]